Summer is almost over and I feel like I'm half a year behind! Between packing, moving, writing, and now building a house, I'm not sure if I'm coming or going, but the one constant is I have to write. Hubby learned long ago if I'm not writing, I'm not happy. ;)  I've been putting up photos of the house progress on Facebook and when a house project is completed I have a post on my blog. So check those out if you're curious about my new home.

The best way to support me is to write reviews of the books you read and upload the reviews to the sites where the book can be purchased. Another way is to purchase the books from the author co-op Windtree Press. I receive the full amount you pay for a book if you purchase it through the co-op. The buy pages have been updated and are easier to use. 

Another bonus for my loyal readers is my new venture of allowing you to purchase my latest release for $
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I'm also adding members to Paty's Posse, my FB street team. You can sign up and be eligible for free books, T-shirts, ARCs, an much more by helping spread the word about my books. 

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Marshal in Petticoats
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