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Two generations after his brother became mortal, Wewukiye, the lake spirit, prevents a Nimiipuu maiden from drowning and becomes caught up in her sorrow and her heart. Her tribe ignores Dove's shameful accusations—a White man took her body, leaving her pregnant, and he plans to take their land.Wewukiye vows to care for her until she gives birth, to help her prove the White man is deceitful and restore her place in her tribe.

As they travel on their quest for justice, Dove reveals spiritual abilities yet unknown in her people, ensnaring Wewukiye’s respect and awe. But can love between a mortal and a spirit grow without consequences?

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Pronunciation of Nimiipuu words                                                           

Nimiipuu (Ne-Mee-poo) The People (Nez Perce)

Himiin (He-meen)  wolf

Wewukiye (Way-woo-keya)  bull elk

Sa-qan   (Saw-kawn) bald eagle

Weyekin (Way-ya-kin) guardian spirit

Tiw`et    (Tee-wat) shaman

Weippe  (way-epay) meadow where root gathering and races was held

Kouse  (ko-oo-sa) an edible root

Keeh-keet (kawh-kat) an edible root

Kehmmes (kawh-maas) an edible root

Thlee-than (t-hilla-t-hawn) an edible root



 "This was an awesome book. I loved the history that was woven expertly into the story. It's the story of the Nez Perce people prior to being forced onto reservations, as they try to keep a good relationship between them and the white man so that they can retain their freedom.

In this story you learn about the beliefs and traditions of the Nez Perce. As well as their deep respect for the Spirit People who are their protectors. This is the story of Dove and Wewukiye. Wewukiye rescues Dove from drowning. After her rescue she must have the courage to face her village and bring the truth to light. She accomplishes this with Wewukiye's help. During the course of time while waiting for the proof of the truth to reveal itself, Dove finds undoubting courage and unending love.

I hope you enjoy this story of an ancient people full of courage, a sense of family, and respect. The many facets in this tale take the reader on an unforgettable journey." Night Owl Reviews~ 5 Star Top Pick



Wewukiye tugged her hand, drawing her closer. His warm breath puffed against her ear.

"You need only think of me and you will have strength."

His soft silky voice floated through her body like a hot drink.

Dove swallowed the lump in her throat and asked, "When will I see you again?" The thought of sleeping on the hard ground next to the fire in Crazy One's dwelling didn't sound near as inviting as using his lap to rest her head.

The days and nights grew colder; to be wrapped in his arms would warm her through and through.

"You will find me at the meadow every day when the sun is directly overhead." He brushed his lips against her ear.

She closed her eyes, relishing the silky feel of his lips and the heat of his touch.

"Think of me," whispered through her head.

Dove opened her eyes. She stood alone. Her palm still warm from their clasped hands, her ear ringing with his whisper. 

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